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Urbanfarmlab is a unique indoor-farming and co-learning platform enabling common RDIL (Research, Development, Innovation, Learning) activities for students, staff, companies and other stakeholders of Metropolia.

The companies get a chance to develop their hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic food production methods, technologies and business plans for the benefit of this new field of industry. At the same time students get to participate and contribute to the companies’ design, development and research projects.


Urbanfarmlab Raw Food Challenge

All Metropolia students can apply for the Urbanfarmlab Raw Food Challenge. The idea is that the teams selected for the competition produce some raw food product using raw materials produced by Urbanfarmlab or its partners. The product can be, for example, a raw cake, smoothie, pesto, salad or something else. An authoritative jury consisting of Ossi Paloneva and Jussi Kukkoniemi will select the winning team based on the most delicious performance. Read more from here!

Urbanfarmlab VR

VR is changing the way things are done – urbanfarmlab is no exception. Currently Urbanfarmlab is developing a VR-environment to illustrate how urban farming works.